Friday, June 12, 2020

Book review: God Is in the Crowd: A Model for Post-Diaspora Judaism, by Tal Keinan

This is an excellent book.  It pulls no punches in describing either the author's Israeli Air Force experience, the ideological and economic structure of Israeli society, or the Jewish community in the United States (where the author was raised).  It also pulls no punches in describing an eye-opening approach to keeping the world Jewish community alive and thriving.  His "prescription" would cost a fortune, but it might just work.

Imagine a Jewish World Endowment.  A parent would commit to contributing 1.25 of their pre-tax income from the time their child is 5.  In return, their kid would get two years in a Jewish summer program--one in the U.S. and one in Israel--exploring Jewish history, tradition, and culture, followed by two months in a Tikkun Olam ("social action") program, followed by full undergraduate university tuition paid by scholarship. 

Imagine, too, the President of Israel being the president of the World Jewish Community, with the authority to determine all policies that affect all Jews, including the Law of Return and who is a Jew for purposes of full Jewish citizenship in Israel, including marriage and burial rights.  Wow!

I love this plan!


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